Custom Embroidery CE106 / Flower & Country Map Hand Embroidery Pattern / Embroidery Art / DIY Embroidery|| Discount code in item description


Shipping to United States: $8.70

❤ $2 discount - Order minimum $50 - Insert Code: 2THUONG
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A custom hand embroidery, it is made to order.
You choose Size - with Frame or Unframed. If you choose a picture with frame, you can choose frame style according to its code.

The process we do:
- After you order, we start embroider right away.
- Completion time: 5 to 10 days.
- Send you a photo of finished embroidery.
- Ship package to you (7 to 18 days).

Thread type: Synthetic Silk and Cotton.
Fabric type: Linen.
Choose Size: (HxW): 9.8x11.8 or 13.7x17.7 (inch)
Choose Frame Code: FT200, FT201, FT202, FT203, FT300, FT301, FT302, FT303, FT304.

- If you wanted a KIT for you to embroider this picture yourself, you use this link:
- Our Youtube channel: Hand Embroidery Art
- Our Facebook:

My name is Thuong Thuong, I live in Vietnam.
©Hand Embroidery Art - Thuong Embroidery

- If you order without frame, you will receive a complete embroidery fabric and then frame picture yourself. The excess fabric is left out fully for you to frame.
- The price of framed embroidery is much higher due to shipping cost bulkier packet.
- If you have any questions, please send me a message, we can discuss.

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