KIT 216 Hand Embroidery on natural Bodhi Leaves with a Blend of Cotton and Synthetic Silk Threads by ThuongEmbroidery


Shipping to United States: $13.50

(🌻) KIT216 - Hand Embroidery on Bodhi Skeleton Leaves, include set:
- Full set of embroidery thread (30% more than necessary).
- Pre-designed embroidery pattern on bodhi skeleton leaves (you receive two bodhi skeleton leaves). Leaves size: 12-14 cm. Bodhi skeleton leaves are entirely natural, without any chemicals.
- Diagram basic describing embroidery thread code.
- Set of embroidery needles.
- Gift for the first purchase: Wooden needle tube or cute fabric strawberry for a safe needle plug.
- Video detailing how I embroider this embroidery pattern, please watch on my YouTube channel 'Hand Embroidery Art':
(🍓 Note: I don't have any tutorial documentation included, please preview how I embroider in the video before you make a purchase decision.)

Shiny synthetic silk and fine cotton.
🍓 All embroidery threads are dyed entirely by hand, according to the traditional method in our traditional craft village. The thread is clean and safe and will not fade in water; it does not fade over time.
- Shiny synthetic silk thread (not natural silk): Our smoothest and shiniest embroidery thread. The embroidery looks brighter and more splendid.
- Fine cotton thread: Moderate shine embroidery thread, and the embroidery looks more realistic.
🍓 We guarantee that the amount of thread you will receive is always 30% more than needed to complete this embroidery pattern.

My name is Thuong; I live in a traditional hand embroidery village, Dong Tam commune, My Duc district, Hanoi City, Vietnam.
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