Whole 115 Skeins and 01 Embroidery Kit72. Order of Daniel | Glossiest Synthetic Silk Hand Embroidery Thread


Shipping to United States: $19.50

(🌼) A whole set of 115 skeins (according to the list below) and 01 Embroidery Kit72 (12x8".Silk)
Selection size thread: 30-yard/01 skein.
Material: Glossiest synthetic silk (not natural silk) embroidery thread
The structure of each skein is made up of 6 divisible strands.

(1) Set 8 Skeins (GT211 to GT218 Colors) (Quantity: 2): 11.50x2 = 23 (US$)
(2) Set 12 Skeins (GT199 to GT210 Colors) (Quantity: 2): 16.80x2= 33.6 (US$)
(3) Set 8 Skeins (GT158 to GT165 Colors) (Quantity: 2): 11.50x2 = 23 (US$)
(4) Set 8 Skeins (GT176 to GT183 Colors) (Quantity: 2): 11.50x2 = 23 (US$)
(5) Set 9 Skeins (GT228 to GT236 Colors) (Quantity: 1): 12.60x1 = 12.60 (US$)
(6) Set 9 Skeins (GT219 to GT227 Colors) (Quantity: 1): 12.60x1 = 12.60 (US$)
(7) Set 10 Skeins (GT189 to GT198 Colors) (Quantity: 1): 14.00x1 = 14.00 (US$)
(8) Set 5 Skeins (GT184 to GT188 Colors) (Quantity: 1): 7.00x1 = 7.00 (US$)
(9) Set 10 Skeins (GT166 to GT175 Colors) (Quantity: 1): 14.00x1 = 14.00 (US$)
(10) KIT72 Easy Embroidery Kit, 12x8".Silk.White. (Quantity: 1): 37.50x1 = 37.50 (US$)
Total: 200 (US$)

(🌼) Gift for you: Cute fabric strawberry for a safe needle plug.

(🌼) Quality: We promise about the embroidery thread we sell - Colors are dyed completely by hand, keep the same colour over time, won't fade in water, and are smooth, shiny, smooth, and easy to embroider by hand.
* Note: The thread is made from synthetic silk, not natural silk from silkworms. But the quality, lustre and smoothness of the thread are very good for hand embroidery. You can refer to the pictures I embroidered on my YouTube channel

(🌼) Made in Vietnam
Produced in the traditional craft village of Dong Tam commune, My Duc district, Hanoi City, Vietnam.
Skilled artisans in our village will do the dyeing by hand, going through many stages, including the very difficult stage of letting the colors flow evenly, self-melting together, creating a smooth natural gradation on the thread.

My name is Thuong, I live in traditional hand embroidery village, Dong Tam commune, My Duc district, Hanoi city, Vietnam.
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